Hero Points

What is a Hero Point??
A player can spend a hero point whenever he or she makes an attack roll, an ability check, or a saving throw The player can spend the hero point after the roll is made but before any of its results are applied. Spending the hero point allows the player to roll a D6 and add it to the D20, possibly turning a failure into a success. A player can spend only 1 hero point per roll. In addition, whenever a character fails a death saving throw, the player can spend one hero point to turn the failure into a success.
A character can have up to 5 Hero points at one time.

How do I get Hero Points??

  • 1 Hero Point will be award per session for posting in the adventure log entry or participating in roleplaying with another character between sessions in the forums on the Obsidian Portal page.
  • 1 Hero Point will be award at each level gained after the 3rd level
  • GM fiat

Current Hero Points:

Hero Points

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