Storm King's Thunder

A Painful Secret

Session Eight

“Dammit” scowled Michael as he pulled himself off the jagged stone spikes covered in an unknown substance. Secret passages were not something he enjoyed looking for nor cared about. He just wanted out of this place, back to the surface. He wanted to feel the sun on his face again, to smell the sea air. Not the horrid stank of stale water that passed for a sea in this place.

He kicked one of the stone spikes. It didn’t move. He kicked it again with more anger this time and snapped off the sharp tip. It wasn’t much but he would take any small victory he could get down here. Checking his side he wiped away the green goop. His uniform had seen better days and it was probably time to either repair it or procure a new one.

“Everyone else ok?” Scanning the others quickly he didn’t notice anything too pressing as they moved forwards down the tunnel.


Cordell_Jacques neziritch

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