Storm King's Thunder

Fade to Black

Session Seven

The claws of the twisted creature raked across his face and everything faded to black.

Suddenly he was falling downwards through and endless black sea, drowning in the endless nothing as he slid further from the pinpoint of light high above. There were so many of them all with the same twisted message.

What a messed up “wedding” he thought. Then he realized he could still think. He had thoughts, memories, nothing had faded from his mind, everything was still there. Could this mean he was still alive? If he was then why was he falling…and why did it hurt so much. The pain was unbearable. It throbbed in his head, devoured every inch of his being and tore at his soul

But he was alive. So very alive, and in pain.

His eye forced open, slowly coming into focus. Where the hell was he? The mushroom people were gone and there were familiar bodies scattered all around. His friends, the ones he swore to protect, were still alive. He mumbled a half-hearted sentence which could almost have been a prayer had he not ended it with, “God dammit my head is killing me” as he sat up.


Cordell_Jacques neziritch

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