Storm King's Thunder

Loot and Findings

Loot loot loot

This should be a list of the loot/gold we’ve acquired from the past three sessions:

Session One

  1. 1667g (includes a 1000g strand of pearls which needs to be liquidated)
  2. 2x Potions of Healing (One each to Mica and Christen)
  3. 1x Potion of Water Breathing (unassigned)
  4. 1x Ring of Scavenging (Steve)

Session Two

  1. 42g
  2. Scroll of Poison Spray
  3. Scroll of Burning Hands
  4. Scroll of Mirror Image
  5. Scroll of Inflict Wounds (clerical)
  6. 1x Drifting Globe (functions as dancing lights)
  7. 1x Potion of Heroism
  8. 5x +1 Arrows (worth 1300g? I have this written down as such – corrections needed)

Session Three

  1. 1x Melted, Dead Toad (not sure why i’m writing this down)
  2. 2x Herbalism Kits
  3. 3x Strong Achoholic Beverages (Steve)
  4. Bag of Devouring (Mica)
  5. 4x Silver Cups (400g total)
  6. 2x Healing Potion
  7. 1x Scroll of Guidance
  8. 1x Scroll of Vicious Mockery
  9. 1x Book: Lords of the Pit: A Guide to Devils (Mica)
  10. 1x Velvet Bag with pale white stones and dwarven love runes (message stones, up to 25 words)

This is all I have at the moment. Let me know if I need to add/stubract or correct things. This list does not take into account the heart Curtis’s character acquired.


Cordell_Jacques Cordell_Jacques

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