Storm King's Thunder

Brunch With Evil

Where there would have been fear in any sane man’s eyes, not a trace could be detected when Jareth watched the man across from him. They had met at the dinner party seemingly at random, though he knew better in his gut when the predator had engaged him so willingly. There was a calm confidence in Bexley that was familiar. Whether or not it was a positive attribute was left to be determined, though Jareth had the distinct feeling it wasn’t. How could it be?

And he knew better than this, to come alone to a strange man’s home, one reeking of the kind of riches that didn’t come from simple commerce. It was just that Jareth simply couldn’t be bothered to listen to his gut instincts. Something inside him overrode any sense of wariness, driving him to make stupid decisions when even he knew they were the wrong ones.

It was why he was here at all, adventuring out away from the idea of home. Where was home? Jareth didn’t think he really knew the answer to that. He wasn’t sure he understood the question. Did it really matter so much? He’d never felt home anywhere, never had a place to feel secure enough to linger. Siggy had tried so hard, sacrificed and pressed, but it could never be enough.

And so Jareth sat across from Bexley, listening to his proposal with a strange mixture of anxiety and intrigue twisting in his gut. He would accept the job, even though he played uninterested. Maybe there was a way out of this that didn’t involve getting the shit kicked out of him in an alleyway, but Jareth already knew it wasn’t worth it. How hard could it be to convince a woman to marry when it was clear she was completely uninterested?


Cordell_Jacques ckaejacques

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