Character Creation

We will be rolling 5D4 six times and placing in which ever stat you desire for ability score determination.

We will be using feats and humans may use the variant.

A player can choose one of the following features to
replace the feature normally granted by his or her
character’s background.
You have a knack for making your way in the deep
places of the world. You can recall the twists and turns
of passageway‘ and tunnels such that you can always
retrace your steps underground. You’re also well
acquainted with foraging and survival in the Underdark
and can determine when sources of food and water
are safe to consume. You can always find sufficient
food and water for yourself and up to five other people
in the Underdark as long as sustenance is available
in the area.

You are no casual visitor to the Underdark, but instead
have spent considerable time there learning its ways.
You are familiar with the various races, civilizations,
and settlements of the Underdark as well as its major
routes for travel. If you fail an Intelligence check to
recall some piece of Underdark lore, you know a source
you can consult for the answer unless the DM rules that
the lore is unknown.

Character Creation

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